Some developments may make you think that the SEO era is closed. Actually, it just turned out. The end-of-the-line battle for the companies SERP continues in full swing.

With new and unique approaches applied by competitive companies, SEO, content, function, target audience etc. is a complex area of expertise that varies from multiple angles, differentiating the needs.

  • SEO haute couture!

Wouldn’t that be nice a custom SEO strategy which tailored to your WordPress page?

The money you spend on your website, the labor, the work is calculated correctly, you’ll notice that it’s time to change things.

The visible, quick and helpful work of a page master hands and good fabric.

What is Haute Couture SEO? What difference does it have?

The membership of the Haute Couture SEO is quite simple. The result is focused. The reports are readable. It’s obvious what it’s going to do.

Haute Couture SEO implements a to-do list consisting of 36 steps. What’s this list? Just examine this 36 steps one by one.

  • Why? What is the differences?
  • Moulage

Moulage Milestone

This is the first step to import the pattern of your website. We can think of it as a research and planning phase. This stage is the creation of all the steps and strategies to follow. It is presented with the Moulage Report and you are provided with a contribution to the study.

The steps involved in preliminary research, such as keyword research, for identifying the target words, are executed at this stage on Google, Bing and Alexa consoles, account opening & integration.

  • Dart

Dart (sewing) Milestone

In this second stage, the membership of the Haute Couture SEO consisting of 36 steps is made suitable for the project. We can think of a previously prepared plan to reestablish it according to your needs.

Which tasks should be repeated, which should be done once, which should remain unlisted or which tasks are prioritized, etc.

  • 36 Steps

36 Steps Milestone

This third and most diligent milestone is now the stage of the actual “to-do list” of Haute Couture SEO.

The 36 steps milestone is the template for tasks that span a 12-month period. What’s this list? Just examine this 36 steps one by one.

  • Final Rehearsal

Last Rehearsal & Report

It is the result report that we see if the targets have been reached in the Moulage Report.

The report that will be released at this stage finally contains measurable results. What is the result of SERP for targeted words, how is the sales trend, the subscriber, the visitor figures or how the interaction has been, etc. answers the questions.

Do you have questions?

Or shall we start now?

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A tedious team of Modern, fast, secure, Google-friendly, simple and resourceful WordPress infrastructure that uses its own developed Tailor Framework!

how do I pay?

The payment process is very easy with Credit Card (Visa, Master) or Debit Card.

Haute Couture SEO Membership is $725/m. (Minimum Membership Period: 12 months)
Or you can choose the money transfer method. Details of the money transfer option will be sent to you within the first notification email right after your order.

Recurring Year: Your Haute Couture SEO membership will be renewed and billed on the first anniversary following your order. As long as your payments continue regularly, your services will continue without interruption.

“worst case” on your payments: We always remind you (3 notifications by email) that you have an upcoming payment. If your payments still delay or decline by your payment method, we are going to sıuspend the series and related accounts from our system.

What about the terms & refund?

When the first 6-month block service is complete, you can cancel the second 6-month block without showing any reason, and you may receive the remaining 6 months of full refund.

The tasks which build our SEO service (Haute Couture SEO) spreads over a 12-month period. The refund of the first 6 months of service is not technically possible because it is already implemented step by step at the first action.
More information on cancellation and refund of services can be obtained from our legal obligations pages.