Triceps – The web tailor

triceps – the web tailor

Triceps – Innovations can be challenging, especially with the Internet. That’s why we believe that anything can be an inspiration, specifically our customers.

Triceps was founded by Ugur Terzi to provide services in Information Technologies in 2002. With the Internet’s widespread usage, Triceps geared towards web design services and since 2007, Triceps has started focusing on hosting services as well. Providing services mainly in Web Programming, Web Design and Hosting Services, Triceps thrives to raise the standards of its’ services and works in a fashion that always aims to advance.

The web tailor continues to provide services with its’ experienced team from all over the world from the Ankara, Istanbul and New York offices.

To put it simply, We’re doing: Web Development, Web Design, UX (User Experience) Design, Visual Design, UI (User Interface) Design, Product Design & Development, Graphic Design, Branding and Tailor Type Web Hosting.


Design: Creativity is more than just creating mockups for wire-framing. It is all about how you feel! We always aim to represent what you feel. If we can understand what you need, we can do better and create better. That’s why we value teamwork and think that it is one of the most important parts of our business. Please meet with our award-winning designers and developers.

Visual Design: Sometimes ideas are born right out of a design. That is why when we are doing Visual Design, we do not limit ourselves with what is trendy aka hip. The reason why we think differently and create eccentric designs is because of our unique thinking style. If you want the Internet to be more creative and savvy please share your ideas with us.

Programming: If you believe that you have a unique idea, remember to always consider the end user’s side. After having done that, if you still like your idea, then by all means let’s do it together! We are coders, designers, and web masters and we are more than ready for your projects! Please feel free to ask about anything! We are more than welcome to brainstorm! You are always safe here. Contact us and see how we work.